Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A horse, of course...

As a kid, growing up, my family always had horses-lots of them. I spent most of my childhood following my Dad's every footstep at Rodeos on the weekends. I loved it. It is a part of my life that I think about often. I have lots of memories of the horses and ponies that we had and they were all so special to me. I got my first pony when I was about Gage's age. My Grandpa got my cousin and I our ponies for Christmas one year. Spot and Grandpa (our ponies), were a pretty pig part of our days. We loved for our parents to lead us around so that we could ride them. As we got older, we got rid of the ponies and started riding the big horses. That's when our fun began! Those poor horses didn't have a chance. After hours of us riding the hair off them, our parents would eventually make us get off and let them rest. Those were the days! 

I have always wanted my children to be raised around horses. I want them to enjoy them the same as I did. So, on Saturday morning, I got a surprise call from my Dad. He had something very special waiting for Gage. Something I was beyond thrilled for him to have, and I knew Gage would be as well. Just as my Grandpa did for me, my Dad did the same for my kids...Gage got his first pony! I would like to introduce someone that will now become a huge part of our lives...Sunshine!

A good horse is hard to find, but when you do, there's nothing better. There are days when you're animals are your best friends. Days when it seems like the best person to talk to isn't a person, it's your animal! I'm so happy that Gage now has his very own best friend - besides his Momma, of course ;) 

Gage and Sunshine have lots of fun times ahead of them. Lots of talks and lots of disagreements, I'm sure! Hopefully my Little Man wins the majority of the time and he and his horse have as much fun as I did with mine. 

This is Sunshine showing Gage who's the boss. He was bound and determined that his duty was done for the day. Probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

Stay tuned for more of Gage and his new buddy! I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of him!

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